The PK22 chair: A masterpiece by Poul Kjærholm

The world of furniture has very limited pieces which are considered unique. One of them is the PK22 chair, which was designed by Poul Kjærholm. The furniture designers don’t just consider it as furniture; they believe it is a piece of art. It may not seem so, but the PK22 stol has a very complex design. Poul Kjærholm added both steel and leather to his design to build a tough yet comfortable chair that could display some sense of art.

The origin of PK22 chair

The PK22 chair, also known as PK22 stol, was designed by Poul Kjærholm in 1957, he studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts. He gradually developed interest in construction materials, especially steel. He considered steel to be a natural material. He was a trainer carpenter who designed the minute details of the chair. This chair is a true design classic.

It was awarded the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale. Due to its minimalistic design, it is a perfect addition to any modern space, whether offices or living rooms. Whether you are looking for a comfortable reading chair or a stylish dining chair, PK22 chair is a perfect fit. It adds a touch of elegance and makes the seating more luxurious. It has managed to become the favorite of the design enthusiasts.  

Why PK22 chair?

The PK22 lounge chair is a perfect example of the design philosophy of Poul Kjærholm. The steel frame of this chair is a key feature. Let’s have a closer look at the design and features of the PK22 chair:

1. Comfort

The PK22 chair is designed to maximize the comfort it can provide. As the chair is designed in a low profile, it is a comfortable choice for lounging. The reclined backrest and the flexibility of the seat makes it a perfect chair for relaxing.

2. Versatility

Due to its versatility, the PK22 chair is suitable for a lot of places in your house. Whether it is a spacious apartment, a basic home or a room in your office, this chair can be a trendsetter. It is a statement piece in any lounge, not only because of its looks, but also the comfort it provides.

3. Craftsmanship

This design can be traced back to Poul Kjærholm’s design project the PK25 chair, which was called ‘The Element Chair’. This PK22 chair revolves around the structure and idea of the PK25 chair. The chair exemplifies a clean, modern look that fits seamlessly in any setting. As it is low profile and has a gently curved seat and backrest, the seating experience becomes comfortable, besides it being pleasing to the eyes.

4. Timeless design

Considered as the first choice of design enthusiasts, PK22 chairs have retained their popularity from the past six decades. Due to their aesthetic appeal, they are expected to never go out of style even in the coming decades.

5. A piece of investment

Unlike other investments which may or may not meet your expectations, the PK22 chairs guarantee commitment to excellence. Its popularity and iconic status speaks a lot about it.

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Customize your PK22 chair with protective covers

At Deszine Talks, we offer a huge range of protective covers to increase the age of your PK22 chair. If you are thinking of protecting your investment in a PK22 chair, consider using a cover for it. Designed carefully according to the chair, these covers are perfect for protecting the chair from spills, stains and dirt. These leather covers can be added to increase the longevity of the chair.

Let us have a look at the various covers which we offer:

1.  Leather Cover for Poul Kjærholm PK22

The leather covers for PK22 chairs are carefully crafted with the finest quality of leather. They provide a dual function of protecting the chair as well as giving aesthetic appeal.

2. Canvas for Poul Kjærholm PK22 Chair

If you are someone who wants to have a more casual and relaxed look for your PK22 stol, canvas cover is the best option for you. It is made from durable high quality Canvas. As it is easy to clean, it is ideal for everyone for everyday use.

3. Poul Kjærholm PK22 High-Quality Aniline Leather

Symbol of luxury is the PK22 high quality aniline leather cover. It is popular for its softness and natural appearance. It is popular not only because of its appearance, but also the comfort and longevity which the covers provide.

4. Poul Kjærholm PK22 High-Quality Hairon Leather

If you prefer texture over anything else, then PK22 high quality hair on leather cover is perfect for you. Each of our leather covers is one of a kind.

5. Fabric Cover for Poul Kjærholm PK22

If you are someone who prefers fabric over leather, then the fabric cover for pk 22 stol is the perfect match for you. These are available in various colors and patterns.

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