• Arne JacobsenArne Emil Jacobsen, Hon. FAIA 11 February 1902 – 24 March 1971 was a Danish architect and furniture designer. He made immense Contribution in the architectural Functionalism. He was well known for his creative and efficient chair designs like Egg chairs, drop chair and swan chair.
  • Bruno MathssonsBruno Mathsson was a Swedish furniture designer. He was Born on 13 January 1907-17 August 1988. He believed in the concept of Functionalism. He was well-known for creating bentwood chairs with hemp webbing. He also created Bruno-pane, a double and triple-paned glass.
  • Borge Mogensenv BørgeMogensen was a Danish furniture designer. He was born 13 April 1914-5 October 1972. He was famous for crafting classical, simple and yet highly functional furniture. In 1949, he created Spanish chair. According to many designers and experts, this chair was “a model of future chairs!”
  • Carl MalmstenCarl Malmsten was a Swedish furniture designer. He was born on 7 December 1888-13 August 1972. He was the proponent of traditional Swedish designs and was against the concept of Functionalism. He was invited to furnish the room for the then crown prince of Sweden, Gustaf VI Adolf
  • Charles Og Ray EamesCharles born in 1907 and Ray born in 1912 were the American duo, well-known for their contribution to the development of modern architecture. Some of their innovative designs include Conversation Armchair, Eames Lounge, Stacking chair for children and Wire mesh side chair.
  • Erik MagnussenHe was a versatile Danish designer, who was famous for his creative designs of furniture, lamps, tableware, and other similar products. He designs were well-known for simplicity and high functionality. His most renowned product till date is a vacuum jug he designed in 1977.
  • Erik ole JorgensenHe was born in Denmark in the year 1925. In his initial, years he was trained as an upholsterer. He created many breathtaking curtain designs and other furniture designs in his lifetime. He worked for various leading designers like Kvadrat and Kaare Klint and created stunning designs.
  • Hans J WegnerA Danish furniture designer, born on 2 April 1914, he was a world-renowned furniture designer. In his lifetime, he created more than 500 chair designs, out which 100 were mass-produced. His famous models include Peacock chairs, Chinese chair, and J16 rocking chair.
  • Jorgen BaaekmarkHe is a well-known Finnish furniture designer born in 1954. He is well known for the creation of his iconic J80 and J81 chairs. These chairs made him immensely popular. His philosophy of furniture designing is that furniture should fit the people and not the other way around.
  • Nanna DitzelShe was a renowned furniture designer from Denmark born in the year October 1923-June 2005. She was an expert in cabinet designing, jewellery and textile products. Her popular designs include Hanging Egg chair, Lulu Cradle, Trinidad chair, Toad Stool & table, and Butterfly chairs.
  • Ole WanscherBorn in 1903, Ole Wanscher was a critically acclaimed Danish furniture designer. He was one of the leading figures in the Scandinavian design movement. His furniture was based on “Design for Everyone” philosophy. Some of his well-known designs include Colonial chairs.
  • Poul M VoltherHe was a Danish furniture designer, born in the year 1923. He was a staunch believer in Functionalism. He focused more on simple crafting of Quality products, rather than aesthetic trends. The iconic Corona Chair designed by him in the year 1961 made him world-renowned.
  • Henrik PedersenA Danish designer born in 1967, Henrik Pendersen focuses on lifestyle-based designs. His creative designs focus more on elegance and formal clarity. Archi chair, Bay chair, Carver and Cradle chairs are some of his grand designs.
  • Johannes Foersom Og Peter Hiort- …….Johannes Foersom, born in the year 1947 and Peter Hiort- Lorenzon born in the year 1943, is the award-winning Danish furniture designers. Initially, they worked as a cabinet maker and ship carpenter. Their notable designs include Apollo Chairs.
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