Buy Quality Cushion For Timeless PK 22 Chair Poul Kjaerholm

If there is one form of furniture design that can be described as revolutionary it is Poul Kjaerholm’s chairs. PK22 Chair is one of his other famous designs, which is a perfect example of how Kjaerholm achieved the beauty of simplicity and mastery. 

We shall discuss how a proper cushion can turn the PK22 Chair, which has already been turned into art, into a more comfortable piece of art. Learn how DeszineTalks ensures that comfort meets style in the most beautiful way possible.

The Genius Behind the Design: Poul Kjaerholm

Poul Kjaerholm is now considered one of the leading figures in Danish furniture design and part of the Danish modernist furniture design movement that relied more on simplicity and options for natural materials. 

The common features that one can observe in Poul Kjaerholm chairs work are simplicity of the lines and forms, but at the same time, luxury and restraint, and a search for materials that are associated with the classical forms of furniture. 

In contrast to the rest of his peers, he was very selective of materials and had a clear preference for steel over wooden ones. He assumed that it was possible to achieve the warmth and natural feel associated with wood while building up the structural opportunities of a more contemporary material than the latter.

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The PK22 Chair: A Closer Look

PK22 Chair, made of stainless steel wire and molded plywood, was first designed in 1956 and represents the main idea in Kjaerholm’s works. 

Manufactured by Hille, the pk22 stole’s design remains elegant and understated, with the frame made from stainless steel and the seat being absent of any unnecessary adornments. 

The application of steely was an innovation at that time and reflected kjaerholm chair talent to achieve a sense of lightness and nobility in the functional element.

Design Elements: 

  • Materials: The PK22 Chair has a brushed stainless steel structure and features the choice of various types of seats, such as leather, canvas, or wicker. The choice of these materials is not only from the aesthetic perspective because it offers great support and comfort to the chair too. 
  • Form: Just as one would expect from a minimalist design, the chair’s form is elegant and uncluttered. Its dimensions and the layout of the legs provide a stable stance. Besides, the backrest slant is moderate to make the chair as comfortable as possible. 
  • Craftsmanship: The Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm ensured his PK22 is made with the highest quality, and it is easy to notice this in the perfect design of the chair. The creative process starts with constructing each chair as if all its parts have been purposely made to join the whole creation. This is the reason why the PK22 Chair has remained relevant in today’s market and continues to fascinate design enthusiasts and collectors.

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The Legacy of the PK22 Chair

For the past forty years, the PK22 Chair has evolved from mere furniture to an emblem of fashion.

  • Versatility: The simplicity of the furniture is, therefore, its strength, and the PK22 Chair is a perfect example of that. It can easily fit any environment, ranging from modern-day living room decor to business offices. It is unobtrusive, yet the design looks very sophisticated, making it appropriate for various interior design themes.

  • Cultural Significance: The PK22 Chair is manufactured to this day and has been included in various design exhibitions and museums globally, making it one of the most famous modern chairs. The work of Poul kjaerholm chairs is followed by many contemporary Danish designers who draw inspiration from his works and ideas.

  • Investment Value: The kjaerholm chair is are ideal collector’s item, like most immortal pieces of design around the world and, in fact, in the world. 

Why Choose DeszineTalks Difference

When you decide to choose DeszineTalks for your seat cover for leather chair needs, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Professionalism: Every cover is created by hand with precision and care so that it reflects the high quality and perfectionism being put into each work done. 
  • Guaranteed Comfort: Our well-thought-out design of these covers will make sure you feel comfortable all day long because they provide necessary support without being too firm or too soft at the same time. 
  • Variety of Styles: There are lots of different types of fabrics as well as colors available on offer when it comes to choosing a cover for your PK22 Chair, which means finding one that matches both this particular piece of furniture and also fits well with the rest of the interior items shouldn’t be difficult.


It is always worthwhile to make improvements in the comfort and looks of your PK22 Chair by using an excellent seat cushion. Through DeszineTalks, you can get cushions as well as chairs that not only revive your Kjaerholm Chair but also turn into a comfortable seating space for you.

Well, if you are interested in getting a PK22 Chair that is more comfortable to use and has with better appearance, then you are in for a ride here. When visiting DeszineTalks, look into our collection of cover for leather chair and find a seat cushion that will complete your Kjaerholm Chair experience.
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