For Stackable Chair, Switch to Chair Of 3107 Series

One of the chief furniture pieces, a chair is a kind of seat. The basic features are two durable material pieces, attached as back and at 90° or slightly greater angle is seat to one another.

Generally, with the horizontal seat attached’s four corners in turn to four legs or other seat’s part underside linked to three legs or a shaft. In which, a turnstile of four arms on rollers can turn as strong enough for supporting the person’s weight sitting on the seat and leaning mainly against the vertical back. When it comes to legs, they are high enough for the seated person’s knees and thighs for forming a 90° or lesser angle. The usage of done in several rooms in offices, schools, homes, and several other workplaces. In terms of the 3107 series chair, it is chiefly designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen.


 By Arne Jacobsen, this chair was designed for Fritz Hansen in steel tube base with 4 legs, a cover cap, mounted with support spacers, and synthetic material's leg ferrules. Also, shell in pressure molded veneer’s 9 layers, in veneer’s 2 outer layers of distinctive wood types and beech 7 inner layers.

 The availability of a chair is with several distinctive undercarriages, an office chair along with a barstool and five wheels. It can come equipped with distinctive upholstering forms, a writing table attachment, and armrests.

 The availability of chairs is many natural veneers or finishes with distinctive colors for instance lacquered Ash or colored Ash. The availability of base is in many colors like powder or chromed coated steel.

 It's functionality

 It is durable, strong, and flexible with a slender form and timeless and unique shape. It has been manufactured in several finishes and also has been elaborated.

 Also, in infinite variations with swivel base, with armrests as a bar stool, and for the seat/back shell always using the same mold.

 Due to its stackability, its functionality is increased. As the chair easily can be stored piled up and also moved along large or small transport dolly.


 Along with Jacobsen’s Ant chair, the chair according to Jacobsen was mainly inspired by a chair manufactured by the wife and husband design team of Ray and Charles Eames using their techniques of plywood bending.

 Widely, the chair is believed to have been used in an iconic photograph of Lewis Morley of Christine Keeler. Meanwhile, the use of the chair in the photograph was just an imitation and failed to be an original model of Jacobsen. In the back, the Keeler chair had a hold cut-off hand. After the publishing of the pictures, the chair sales rose dramatically.


It is concluded that the series 7 chair is among the popular chair collection of Fritz Hansen and in modern furniture history, an icon since 1955. There are many covers out there 3107 chairs leather covers. Its prototype is exhibited in New York at the Moma, Museum of Modern Art.

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