Adding comfort to your life: Introducing Folkstolen J39, “The People’s Chair"

Whenever we talk about comfort and functionality in just one piece of furniture, we need something traditional, reliable, and semi-comfortable. Whenever it comes to furniture, everyone wants to have something classic, attached to history, and most importantly, designed by a famous designer. 

No issues!!!

The J39 chair has your back because it is ticking all your checklists, which is what you are finding. The J39 chair was designed by the famous designer Borge Mogensen.

Borge Mogensen: The father of this timeless design

Borge Mogensen was 28 years old when he got hired by FDB as a chief architect for their visionary furniture program. He was very passionate about his work and design, and he always believed in creating a new design for every piece of furniture and adding a Mogensen touch to it. He had started the series of chairs, and in 1947, he created a masterpiece yet traditional, the J39 chair. 

The J39 chair was part of the series, but its semi-comfortable design made it ideal for use in workplaces and food junctions.

In the Era of 1947, when the chair was launched in the market, it was one of the best sellers of FDB. Later on, the chair was named after the designer, and now it is called the J39 Mogensen chair.

The chairs got so popular because of its seamless design and comfort that people also named it “the people’s chair." 

Experiments and modifications: 

The J39 chair has a timeless design, which means time is not a boundary for this chair, so because of its design and liability, from 1947 until now, this chair has gone through different experiments and modifications. 

And due to these modifications and experiments, we got some new chairs on the market with the same traditional touch but with a new face. 

Many came up with the idea to add a cushion to this chair, which was the game changer in the market. When people learned that cushions could make the chair more comfy and reliable, they started adding cushions to this chair.


Whether you are a design enthusiast or a person who wants the traditional legacy in your house, workplace, or food arena in the form of furniture, the J39 chair is the best solution for all your needs and also to make it more comfortable. Deszine Talks is providing Folkstolen cushions for your J39 chair in various color variants to make it more durable and comfortable.
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