Leather Six cushions for Arne Jacobsen's Astole model 3107/3207 (7éren)

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Leather Chair Paid For Arne Jacobsen series 7 (Set of 6ps),back with anti-slip. Note, chair is not included Arne Jacobsen Stoles: The Iconic Y Stol and 7 er Stol Designs Furniture design holds a remarkable power in shaping our surroundings and evoking emotions. Iconic chairs serve functional purposes and become...
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Leather Chair Paid For Arne Jacobsen series 7 (Set of 6ps),back with anti-slip.

Note, chair is not included

Arne Jacobsen Stoles: The Iconic Y Stol and 7 er Stol Designs

Furniture design holds a remarkable power in shaping our surroundings and evoking emotions. Iconic chairs serve functional purposes and become symbols of design excellence and artistic expression. In this article, we delve into the profound influence of Arne Jacobsen on iconic furniture design, with a particular focus on the 7 er Stol and Y Stol chairs.

Arne Jacobsen's Legacy: Shaping Modern Interior Decor

Arne Jacobsen was a visionary Danish architect and designer who left an impressive mark on the world of interior design. His innovative approach to blending functionality and aesthetics gave iconic creations that continue to grace our homes and public spaces—Jacobsen's ability to create minimalist yet elegant pieces that seamlessly integrate into various environments. We will explore how his legacy manifests through two of his most celebrated chairs—the Arne Jacobsen 7 er Stol and Y Stol.

Unveiling the Treasures: A Look into the 7 Series and Y-Stol Chairs

When exploring the legacy of Arne Jacobsen Stol's designs, there are mainly 2 exceptional designs- the 7 Series which is also known as 7 er Stol, and Y Stol which show Jacobsen's mastery of form and function together. Arne Jacobsen 7 er stol's sleek design and stackable nature make it a versatile choice for modern living. On the other hand, the Y-Stol or Wishbone Chair is the brainchild of Hans J. Wegner, another leading name in the world of design. This chair's organic aesthetics and handcrafted elements bring a touch of warmth and tradition to contemporary spaces.

The Y Stol Chair: A Design Icon

The fascinating story of the Y-Stol chair begins in the mid-20th century when the visionary architect and designer Arne Jacobsen thought to create a piece of furniture that would redefine not only comfort but also become the essence of modern design. The chair's name draws inspiration from its distinctive Y-shaped backrest.

Design Elements and Aesthetics of Y Stol:

The beauty of the Y-Stol lies in the design of this chair which was thoughtfully designed. The Y-shaped backrest, crafted from a single piece of molded wood or plywood showcases Jacobsen's mastery of fluid forms. This backrest not only adapts to the natural shape of the human body but also provides ample support, making the Y-Stol a testament to ergonomic design principles. The chair's minimalist framework extends to its legs too which elegantly tapers downward giving a sense of lightness and grace. 

Influence of Y Stol on Interior Decor:

One of the most remarkable traits of the Y Stol chair is its versatility. The sleek silhouette and the elegant design allow it to blend into a variety of interior styles easily whether it's Scandinavian or mid-century or beyond.

If we look at modern living spaces then we will see that the Y Stol chair also proved to be a statement piece that adds a touch of coziness whether placed around the dining table or in the reading nook.

Versatility and Timelessness of Y Stol:

The Y-Stol's capacity to harmonize with diverse decor themes is a testament to its enduring relevance. As interior styles continue to evolve the Y-Stol chair remains a constant as a design icon that continues to shape and elevate interior decor.

The Arne Jacobsen 7 er Stol Chair: A Timeless Classic

The 7 er chair is another extension of Arne Jacobsen's design philosophy and was created in 1950. The initial design was characterized as a minimalist one but over the years different variations of this chair emerged where each contributed a unique twist while staying true to the core principles of form and function, a vision of Arne Jacobsen Stol.

Comfort and Ergonomics Level of 7 er Stol:

7 er is not only visually appealing but also committed to the user's comfort. Jacobsen's architectural sensibilities were seamlessly woven into the chair's design, resulting in a harmonious blend of ergonomics and aesthetics. The curved backrest, sculpted seat, and slightly reclined angle work support the body’s natural contours ensuring a comfortable seating experience.

Material Used in Arne Jacobsen 7 er Stol:

Jacobsen’s meticulous approach to material selection can be seen beautifully in 7 er stol chair. The chair’s frame is typically made from laminated wood which shows Jacobsen's fascination with blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. The seat and the backrest are mainly made with premium materials like leather which increase the luxurious aesthetics of the chair as well.

Incorporation in Modern Living Spaces:

Being a testament to timeless design, the Arne Jacobsen stole chair can seamlessly fit into even modern landscapes. The chairs' understated elegance and ergonomic design become the focal point of the space, elevating both style and comfort. The chair's adaptability knows no bounds, as it effortlessly complements various room layouts. Placed around a minimalist work desk, it supports productivity with ergonomic finesse. Positioned in a reading nook, it beckons relaxation. 

Timeless Elegance of Arne Jacobsen 7 er Stol:

In the ever-evolving world of design, the 7-er Stol chair remains a flashlight of timeless elegance. Its evolution, rooted in ergonomic excellence and material innovation, has allowed it to seamlessly traverse eras while maintaining its unwavering appeal. Jacobsen's ingenuity lives on through this classic piece serving as a reminder that great design not only stands the test of time but also enriches the spaces it graces.


In the realm of furniture design, Arne Jacobsen's legacy stands as a testament to the power of functional artistry. His iconic creations, particularly the Arne Jacobsen 7 er Stol and Y Stol chairs represent his ability to blend form and function while leaving an indelible mark on modern interior decor.

Arne Jacobsen's visionary approach to design continues to shape contemporary living spaces. His minimalist yet elegant philosophy has made the way for furniture that seamlessly integrates into various environments, enhancing both aesthetics and utility. The 7 er Stol and Y Stol chairs serve as prime examples of this design philosophy, each embodying unique attributes that contribute to their enduring appeal.

Both the Y Stol and 7 er Stol chairs bear the hallmark of Arne Jacobsen stole designs. As they continue to grace homes and public spaces, they serve as a reminder that true design excellence transcends time.

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