The Journey of Harmony of Design in Time - Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair

Furniture design is an interesting field with significantly individual makers in it, where one can find several truly iconic pieces that outlast fashion trends and remain in the house with the history of design forever. Among the icons of the furniture world, there is an exceptional masterpiece in the form of Arne Jacobsen's Model 3107 chair or the 3107 chair - it is commonly called the "Jacobsen chair 3107". Being more than just a seat. The 3107 chair is an illustration of his visionary style in setting the trend of functional design with the elegant simplicity that attracts people. This blog will tell you the importance of this masterpiece and reveal its architectural beauty, its continuation of popularity, and its influence on furniture designs all over the world.

Visionary Behind Series 7 chair:

Before moving forward with this art piece, we should appreciate the creator of this fantastic chair. Arne Jacobsen was well-known in the world of furniture design and he played an important role in Danish Modernism thanks to his two hobbies, design and architecture. Blending traditional and modern techniques is considered his strength. His designs were characterized by straight lines, the utilization of natural materials, and his personal touch to every design makes him different from others.

The 3107 chair tale is a part of the bigger picture, which is also Jacobsen's previous contribution to the design of the 3 Ant chair that was presented in 1952. This design, consisting of three legs and resembling an ant with rounded corners, was crazy at that time, reflecting Jacobsen's interest in using organic shapes and advanced materials. Though the famous Ant Chair represented a creative triumph and helped him establish himself, Arne Jacobsen still worked towards defining his style. He wanted to design a chair that would preserve the design of the Ant chair with new features such as increased stability and the same level of comfort for leaning back that was suitable for prolonged sitting periods.

A Technological Leap: Birth of 3107 chair

The time that became the turning point for Jacobsen company was the development of the steam-bending laminated veneer machine. This new construction technique produces a crumbling wood shape which is at the same time very strong and aesthetically beautiful. It was the technological revolution that provided the next stage of development and, as a result, became the foundation for the 3107 chair.

In 1955, the Model Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair was created by Jacobsen as his masterpiece. The model obtained was structurally quite similar but had one significant difference. The 3107 chair was praised for the beauty of its sliding chair shell, the seat of which was made of nine layers of procured laminated veneer. Things to note that using rectangular staves made it possible to achieve remarkable strength and flexibility, meaning that his chair was both appealing to the eye and wonderfully comfortable. The testament to the ease of these brushed-chrome legs was the futuristic and seamless transition to the irregular shape of half-round cushioning.

Strength in Simplicity: The design philosophy:

Every part of this chair has its role—it gives it the overall form and function. The curved seat shell cozies up to the body, allowing it to find its natural and more effective position. With the slight chin down, it invites the user to sit with an upright posture. The firm steel base gives the product amazing stability and high durability. The Scandinavian Modernism movement played an important role by which Jacobsen was so influenced and was highlighted by his focus on functionality with no compromise on aesthetics.

Beyond the Form: Versatility that never ends:

The characteristic of the 3107 chair - its versatility – is also another essential point that is often put forward when people praise this piece of furniture. Unlike some significant classics that are difficult to take on the different locations, the 3107 chair is effortlessly merged into the different atmospheres. The chair has choices of many types of finishes; classical wood veneers like walnut and oak, and more contemporary laminates in various colors are available. This feature permits a personal touch and enables the footchair to be a part of various interior design themes.

The 3107 is fulfilling many requirements and needs with every space. In the four-legged design, typically for dining room tables, the classic lines of the stylish design are ideal for dining rooms and lounges. Workplace environments, which is another great feature, would be the swivel base option that makes it easy to move around for people. Not only does the 3107 chair have a bar stool, but this chair also extends its functionality to bar stool variations. This shows how this chair can perform traditional seating applications.

A Legacy of Excellence: The grace of 3107 chair:

the 3107 chair is one of those rare creations which shook the world of furniture design altogether. Since its turning in 1955, the chair has sold over 5 million units, so it has become an inseparable part of the Jacobsen furniture company, it's only the best seller of this exclusive manufacturer. Since then the 3107 chair has been a testimony to its elegance and design, being used in homes, offices, and public areas.

The outlasting popularity of the model 3107 chair does not only have to do with its beauty but also with the capacity of being a timeless kind of design. It was deliberately designed to embody the Scandinavian Modernism elements which include the clean lines, functionality, and the use of natural materials so that it could be seen as the perfect art for both a mid-century modern home and a contemporary living room.


While its elegance extends beyond mere aesthetics, 3107 also provides the all-important trait of a chair that is timeless. The core principles of the Scandinavian modernism design movement – flat lines, functionality, and the use of natural materials – are all reflected in this piece, which thus fits right in either a mid-century modern setting or a contemporary living room. Apart from its utility the 3107 chair now exists in a dimension called cultural icons. This is because it has found a place in the collective design consciousness. Owning a 3107 chair is not equal to getting just a piece of furniture but it is a result of connecting to a legacy of design excellence and standing out as timeless style. The chair embodies an eternal symbol that the beauty of classic and aesthetic design is not restricted to the confines of passing trends but rather encompasses objects that inspire and engage users for a lifetime.
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