Folkestolen j39, Jetson Chair: The Best Option to Update Your Room

Nowadays, so many varieties of furniture are available that it has become challenging to pick the right one for the houses. It is more challenging to select the appropriate one when buying from online platforms. You get plenty of types, each with unique features. And when you finally choose something, it might not be according to your budget. So, to deal with this problem, you can read the article for a perfect selection of chairs.

Whether it's your living room, hall, office, or poolside, the chairs are a must. Many companies offer the best quality chairs at a reasonable price. Let's have a look at one such product.


Description of the product 

The Folkestolen j39,jetson chair is an iconic Swedish furniture design. People sometimes complain about getting a chair without a cushion or vice-versa. However, it depends on the comfort zone of the people. The jetson chairs are both comfortable and vintage design.

It has a bowl-shaped seat with a high back and head pillow. The unique feature of this chair is its chrome swivel base with a self-return mechanism. Besides this, the chairs are fabric-made or leather-made. The chrome-plated stand with the rotor construction makes it look royal.

The chair's cushions are polyester-made. If you want to buy a full-seated seat, the fabric will be in Flax. The chair is available in four styles. Below are the styles of the chair!

  • Jetson Match- black natural flax body 
  • Jetson Leather- black leather seat 
  • Jetson Match- brown natural flax body 
  • Jetson Leather- brown leather seat


The processing duration 

The estimated processing time depends on the type of product you have ordered. If it's a small package, it gets delivered within a day. But for the larger packages, the company might take around a week to get delivered. It takes more time for larger ones because of the protective packaging, which is the freight box. Textile and spare parts take longer to get packed and sent safely.

Since each of these parts has a different handling time, it will get listed in the description box. If we talk about the shipping time, the company takes at least a week. But the duration sometimes depends on your choice of product delivery.


The company's terms and conditions

When it comes to custom and taxes, the buyer is entirely responsible for it. The company is not a part of it and will not entertain the matter of delays. The company offers an easy payment system through Pay Pal with MasterCard, Visa, etc. The return policy is only available within 14 business days.

After this period, no return requests get accepted. The cancellations of the order are not accepted as well. The company's helpline number is always available for the buyers. They will help you out wherever you get stuck while ordering the product.

 Always provide your valid personal details because the company might contact you if there is any problem or delay in the product delivery. If you want to return your order and any damage has happened from your side, then you will have to pay for it. So, it's high time to include these unique chairs to make your rooms updated and royal.

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